Day 2 – Wilsons Prom, lighting up history

Day 1 I wrote about the journey from Telegraph Saddle to Roaring Meg creek and our experience at the most southerly point of the Australian mainland, you can read about it here, Wilsons Prom, a bucket list destination .

Rising early, I plan a dip in the creek and am pleasantly surprised that there has been no dew overnight and the tent has stayed dried. We have another big day ahead of us and waste no time packing up and getting on our way.

The valley rises steeply on the ocean side as we make our way out from roaring Meg to the lighthouse and then onto our final destination Little Waterloo Bay. In and out of micro climates the weather is unsettled and while not raining there is a lot of cloud and some of it is quite low. The first 2kms is up and down as we escape the lowlands with their moist creek refuges for the higher exposed areas. Gang-gangs can be heard in the trees and soon enough we spot them, their bright red heads a give away in an otherwise green and mottled landscape.

The Gang-gang is part of the cockatoo family and inhabits the cool wet forests and woodlands of south eastern Australia. The male has a red head and crest, while the female has a small fluffy grey crest. It is easily identified by its distinctive call, which sounds alot like a cork being popped out of a bottle. The Gang-gang is the faunal emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.

The cloud comes in low and we find our selves walking in the mist. There is always something fascinating and mystical about walking in the clouds, it is as though flying even though you know you cannot. Shortly after we intersect the telegraph track, completing our detour. The pace pick ups on the wide open road but it’s not long before we dart into the forest once more for the final 3.8km to the lighthouse.

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Day 1 – Wilsons Prom, a bucket list destination

Popularised by the 2007 movie of the same name the “Bucket List” has come to represent all the things we dream of doing before kicking the bucket (die), Wilsons Prom is definitely one of those experiences.
Lately I’ve been restless about staying in Australia or at least Melbourne and that’s got me thinking about all those bucket list things right on your back door step that you take for granted and wholly expect them to be there forever.
Last year I got to tick off an amazing bucket list experience, The Great Wall of China” which I’ll write about this Winter in my ever-growing backlog of posts. This year I wanted to experience another and it was one that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a year or two, the southern circuit at Wilsons Promontory.

Wilson’s Promontory or the Prom as it is affectionately know is so popular that to stay at the main camping and holiday ground, Tidal River, you need to enter a ballot the summer before the summer that you want to holiday. Equally in demand are camping spots in the Prom’s many walk in locations.

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