Day 3 – Wilsons Prom, Refuge Cove or was that Party Cove

Day 1 I wrote about the journey from Telegraph Saddle to Roaring Meg creek, you can read about it here, Wilsons Prom, a bucket list destination .

Day 2 I wrote about our experiencing the lighthouse and walking to Little Waterloo Bay, you can read about it here, Wilsons Prom, lighting up history

A sigh of relief washed over us when looking at the map we learned that the high steep mountain we spotted the day before was not on our route and was not in fact Kersops Peak, but Mt Wilson.  In any multi day walk, there is a flat day, either weather, spirits or fatigue knock you about. The walk to refuge cover is short just 6km, we had planned to walk through to Sealers but all the sites were booked. I was thankful for that, as this was shaping up to be my  flat day, my muscles protesting the idea of moving at all.


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Day 1 – Wilsons Prom, a bucket list destination

Popularised by the 2007 movie of the same name the “Bucket List” has come to represent all the things we dream of doing before kicking the bucket (die), Wilsons Prom is definitely one of those experiences.
Lately I’ve been restless about staying in Australia or at least Melbourne and that’s got me thinking about all those bucket list things right on your back door step that you take for granted and wholly expect them to be there forever.
Last year I got to tick off an amazing bucket list experience, The Great Wall of China” which I’ll write about this Winter in my ever-growing backlog of posts. This year I wanted to experience another and it was one that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a year or two, the southern circuit at Wilsons Promontory.

Wilson’s Promontory or the Prom as it is affectionately know is so popular that to stay at the main camping and holiday ground, Tidal River, you need to enter a ballot the summer before the summer that you want to holiday. Equally in demand are camping spots in the Prom’s many walk in locations.

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