Cathedral Range, Breaking the Fear Barrier

With confidence built after climbing the exposed rock face on the canyon track of Sugar loaf a week prior, we decided it was time to strap on the boots and break the hiking drought that hit in 2015 with my daughter completing year 12.

It was the first week back at work. The weather had been very hot over the Christmas holiday and we had not had the chance to hike over that period. Now the weather was favourable and work was slow so I decided to take the end of the week off and go hiking.

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Sugarloaf Peak, into the Fear

Walked May 19, 2012

In my mid teens I had a series of accidents on pushbikes that resulted in broken legs and an arduous recovery of which I would not want to repeat. It built a fear of falling striking back to the pain suffered in the accidents and associated recovery. As a result exposed heights and even the thought of them bring on sweaty palms and the chills.

It hasn’t stopped me doing many of the walks I love, but it has started to constrain me from adventuring into some of the more stunning (read mountainous) areas waiting to be explored, one of them being Sugarloaf in the Cathedral Ranges

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