Eastern Tyers Creek,where to sleep?

Rising early, rubbing my eyes as I peer out the window the morning looks like rubbish and I think our plans to walk from the Thomson River bridge to Eastern Tyers creek might be thwarted by the weather. Given our previous experiences with the cold up on the Baw Baw Plateau (Baw Baw, Too Cold for Comfort) I’m not keen to hike anywhere it’s going to be wet. I’m also really desperate to get out of civilisation and breathe in the forest air and get amongst the great outdoors and wide open spaces.

I convince myself the weather will be better at the trail head and if not we’ll still make a day of it, a reconnaissance trip or something. The route takes us out to Moe on the Princes Highway and then up through the hills to Rawson and onto the river. We discover a shortcut through Erica and over a bit of dirt road that the Astra handles well cutting 15 minutes off our  180 km journey from Melbourne.

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Coopers Creek, don’t forget the sauce

Camped Dec 28 – 30 2011

In 2011 I was inspired to share the joys of camping and the great outdoors with my family. It had been a staple of my childhood and in our early married life, my wife and I had enjoyed the quiet pleasures the bush had to offer. Having never camped in Victoria before I really had no idea what we were up for and we couldn’t have picked a busier holiday period than that between Christmas and New Year.

You need to remember I grew up in a remote area of the Northern Territory, where if you  could hear or see another campsite you were too close, was I in for shock in how camping was done here. Having acquired expert advice from friends on sites and consulted the Internet we settled on Coopers Creek, a camp site south west of Walhalla on the Thomson River, about 3.5 hours from Melbourne.

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