Day 1 Mt Feathertop, Bon Accord Spur on the up and up

We’re stepping up our hiking experience, something bigger taller and longer than we’ve done before is in our future. Mt Feathertop has been in the news thanks to a politician who got lost up there, it got me interested in this place. I knew it was our second highest mountain in Victoria but that was about it.

Deciding it was the place for us, I read a number of blogs and planned out a 33km route over three days that would take us up the Bon Accord Spur, along the Razor Back and down Bungalow Spur with two nights on the mountain.


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Baw Baw, Too Cold for Comfort

Hiked April 7-8, 2012

During the summer of 2011/12 I was scoping out other potential short overnight hikes to keep building our confidence towards something more substantial in time to come. I came across the Baw Baw plateau which offers a range of routes from reasonably flat to fairly steep elevation, at least for Victoria.

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Walk into History, Dad and Daughter

Hiked February 4-5, 2012

Following our foray into camping at King Lake and Coopers Creek I was resolute in transitioning my outdoor experiences from camping to hiking and preferably where a car could not get into. I was still missing the Northern Territory experience, arguably one of the most special places on earth for enjoying the outdoors. I accepted Victoria was where I lived now and better get on with exploring it. My eldest daughter had turned 14 and I was keen share my love of the remote outdoors with her.

I dusted off the old pack, the type with the internal metal frame and heavy canvas material and my newer North Face Terra pack and determined we would find somewhere close to home to trial what hiking was like in Victoria.

I wanted to make sure I found an easy short walk my 14 year old would enjoy and hopefully develop a love of the great outdoors. Looking for a suitable place close to Melbourne’s South East, the Walk into History (2 hours from the city), just out the back of Powelltown seemed perfect.

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